If you have a need to use aerial photography or aerial videography for your business or other commercial project, you may have considered simply buying a drone and doing-it-yourself (DIY). While this is technically possible and in some cases, even affordable, there are at least 3 major dangers you must consider before taking on such a serious responsibility:

DANGER # 1 – Difficult Learning Curve

Although it might seem easy to fly and use a drone to capture excellent videos and photos, the truth is that there
is a significant learning curve. Even licensed commercial airline pilots have trouble flying drones (because it is a completely different experience from flying an airplane). And although though drone manufacturers have made
the process easier and safer, they have also added tons of new features and functions, making it more difficult and
cumbersome for new users to maximize the potential of their drones.

The Internet is loaded with examples of new drone users crashing their drones and destroying their investments—
since manufacturer’s warranties do not cover crashes. Additionally, many new drone users crash their drones
and destroy property and even cause harm or injury to other people bringing about the possibility of lawsuits
and other legal problems. A simple search on YouTube for “drone crashes” should be enough to make even the most
ardent do-it-yourselfer leery of using their own drone for commercial or professional projects.

Danger # 2 – Major Liabilities

As mentioned before, if you are not trained or experienced in the proper use of drones, it is possible to bring about some major liabilities of your business. Crashing your drone and damaging somebody else’s personal property can result in a lawsuit against your business. Furthermore, it is likely that your existing insurance policy does not cover accidents caused by drone use. Therefore, you could be personally liable for any damage caused by a drone crash or malfunction.

And even “experienced” drone operators who have flown drones as a hobby, often get into trouble while flying drones professionally, because they are not familiar with the hazards of flying drones in a professional environment that requires more skill and precision.

A common example of this is when hobbyist drone operators attempt to fly a drone too high or too far and lose the drone because of radio interference, dying batteries, or poorly calculated flight time due to the jet-stream. These types of problems are eliminated when you hire a professional drone operator, like those trained in the Sky Eye Network.

DANGER # 3 – Non Compliance with Laws

As the private commercial drone industry is just now emerging, Federal and State laws are having a hard time keeping up with the technology. As such, there is a lot of confusion and a lot of potential headaches and legal problems you could endure. The Federal Aviation Administration has issued Section 333 of the FAA code to regulate the commercial use of drones and nearly all “Do-It-Yourself” drone operators are in violation of this code. Furthermore, local and state laws regarding privacy and legal flying zones are often violated by inexperienced drone operators. You do not want to be on the cover of your local newspaper or evening Television news report because of a legal non-compliance issue that you were simply not aware of.

The laws for drone operation are always changing, being challenged, and also being updated. Only professional drone
operators who fly drones for a living are close enough to the industry to be on top of all the new laws and regulations that affect them. It is wisest to simply use a professional and certified drone operator to ensure compliance with all applicable laws.

Just like anybody can buy a camera or use their smartphone to take a picture—but only a true professional photographer who has experience and training in both the nature of professional photography, and the proper use of professional photography equipment, can actually produce consistent professional photographic results—so it is with drones. Only a true professional and Certified Drone Operator can produce the consistent professional results you want for your project, while avoiding liabilities, and protecting you from dangerous lawsuits and legal noncompliance issues.

When you’re ready for professional Aerial Videography or Aerial Photography, call the Drone Marketing Group.