Now that AirBnB listings have become popular around the world, people are listing every type of rental property they own to get renters into their listings. This has caused a stir in large cities and tourist locations, but it has also caused competition for renters. The best way to rise above your competitors is to have your listing shown with high definition photos and video captured by drone. A drone has a unique birds eye view perspective that enables potential renters to view your property from angles that conventional photography and videography are unable to present. These advantages have proven to get more renters for your listing on AirBnB when compared to listings with traditional photos and video.

What is “Drone Media?”

Drone media refers to any media generated by a drone. This includes photo’s and video’s produced by the drone’s cameras. The word media gets tossed around to describe a wide variety of things, but when it is phrased as “drone media”, it is strictly referring to drone generated images and videos. If you have questions regarding drone media in the greater Dallas Fort Worth area, contact the professional drone operators at Drone Marketing Group. We will help answer any questions or concerns you might have regarding drone media and your AirBnB listing.

How do you set your AirBnB listing apart from other listings?

The easiest way to set your AirBnB listing apart from others is to use drone media to show off your listing from a birds eye view. The better your listings photos and videos, the more likely your listing will stand apart from others. Renters prefer to see bright and lively photos and videos to showcase where they want to stay whether they are renting for vacation, work, or other reasons. High definition drone photos and videos make such a large difference that the closure rate of listings with HD images/videos compared to non HD are in different categories.

How much does it cost to have your AirBnB listing photographed/videographed by a drone?

This depends on which drone service you use, however, Drone Marketing Group offers AirBnB listing drone photography and videography starting at $199. This includes 5 HD Aerial Images, a 15 second promotion video, and 1 hour of editing time. We will work with you to get the absolute best photos and videos for your AirBnB listing. Make sure you use a drone operator who is permitted to capture images and video for your listing. If they are not permitted to operate commercially with a part 107 waiver, then you could face fines for their negligence.

Who do I contact for drone photography/videography for my AirBnB listing?

If you are in the Greater Dallas Fortworth area, contact the professionals at Drone Marketing Group for your drone photography/videography for your AirBnb listing. We have worked with rental owners to get them the best possible high definition drone photos and videos for their AirBnB listing. We know what is needed to appeal to potential renters and will work with you to get the results needed to rent your property.

The only way to attract potential renters these days is to list on AirBnB and have stunning photos. Staging a property with professional staging companies can cost thousands of dollars, but getting high definition photos and videos of your rental property no longer costs thousands thanks to Drone Marketing Group. Our professionals will be able to provide high definition drone photos and video of your rental property for a reasonable price. We cover the Greater Dallas Fort Worth area and will gladly work with you and your rental property.