Just like any other aircraft, maintenance can make or break your flight plans. Luckily, with drones the cost of disaster is not as high as other aircraft, however, not maintaining your drone is a recipe for disaster. Bent rotors, dirty engines, and malfunctioning electrical systems can end your flight before you even get off the ground. In order to prevent these types of things from grounding your drone, use common sense maintenance techniques to keep your drone in tip top shape. The simple things to do before operating your drone are as follows – Inspect your drone before and after operation, clean the hull/camera/sensors, and update the firmware. If you follow these simple steps, you will drastically reduce your chances of catastrophic failure while operating your drone.

Why is drone maintenance important?

Drones are not a maintenance free technology. Brushless motors are helpful for maintenance, however, the majority of parts on your drone need to be maintained in order to extend longevity. From rotors to the electrical system, it is important to go over every piece of hardware on your drone before flying to ensure a safe flight. If any system is malfunctioning or damaged, your drone will turn into a very expensive rock falling through the air quicker than you may be able to react.

What can happen if I don’t maintain my drone?

Random failures happen, but having certain parts fail can lead to disaster. Losing a three to four thousand dollar investment is not something you want to chalk up to a damaged rotor blade. Blades are one of the easiest damaged and most important parts of your drone. If you try to fly with a damaged rotor blade, catastrophe is not far away. The cost of replacing a rotor blade is trivial compared to replacing your entire drone. Don’t get lazy and skimp on replacement parts and drone maintenance unless you want to lose your drone.

How much does drone maintenance cost?

Drone maintenance cost varies depending upon the type of drone you operate. Commercial drone maintenance cost should be an estimated cost of doing business. This means that you might have to add charges to compensate for broken rotors and other additional parts. Engine, chassis, and gimble maintenance are other parts of drone maintenance that require attention and are part of doing business. If you are a hobbyist drone operator, drone maintenance costs are part of the hobby and should be anticipated.

Are there maintenance free drones?

There are, but they are designed as toys for children. These types of drones should be avoided for commercial purposes. They are dangerous to fly around people and should be treated as toys. If you are not sure if your drone needs maintenance, it is best to look up the manufacturers information regarding your specific drone. Manufacturers have great recommendations about how to maintain your specific drone and will help figure out a great maintenance routine to keep your drone in the air.

A damaged or malfunctioning drone is a danger to pilot and everyone around. In order to avoid any possible disasters, practice proper maintenance techniques when piloting a drone. Always check all parts before taking off and keep track of how long you have been using parts. If you are using rotors that are years old and are on their last leg, replace them before they cause catastrophic damage. If you are having issues with your electrical system, fix it before pushing up into the air with your drone. The simple steps of maintenance will keep your drone operating for years.