Drones have quickly taken industries across the world by storm. In the beginning, drone technology was already years ahead of any prior flight technology because all the advancements in things like gimbels, cameras, and flight software were instantly applicable to drones. This has led to an explosion of drone hobbyism and commercial drone operations seeing their photography and videography skills applied across the world. Drone applications are continually being researched and developed, but certain industries are taking advantage of drone technologies right now.

What industries are drones revolutionizing?

Real estate, surveying, search and rescue to name just a few industries already feeling the effects of drone technology. As time goes on, more and more industries will apply drone technology to improve their operations and become more efficient at what they do. In no time whatsoever, our skies are going to be filled with drones flying around doing all sorts of tasks for us. We are lucky to be living in a time when this technology is becoming the norm.

Is it legal to use a drone for business reasons?

Only if you are licensed through the FAA to operate a drone is it legal to use a drone for business reasons. Do not work with a hobbyist to get your business photos taken with a drone. You can be fined and in rare cases jailed for illegally operating a drone whether you are the pilot or not. If you are in the Greater Fort Worth area of Texas, contact the professional drone operators at Drone Marketing Group to have a licensed drone business handle all of your professional drone services.

How do I contact a drone professional for their services?

Call (817) 578-6038, or you can email us direct sales@dronemarketinggroup.com, to contact a drone professional in the Greater Fort Worth area of Texas. Our friendly customer support staff are here to answer any questions or concerns you might have regarding drone photography and videography. Our drone operators have years of experience and know how to complete the job. We pride ourselves on our quick turnaround time and professional drone service.

Is it expensive to use a drone professional?

Drone Marketing Group has clear and obvious pricing through our multiple package offering. The packages are as follows:

  • Basic Real Estate $199: Includes 5 High Definition Aerial Images, 15 second promotion video, 1 hour of edit time
  • Premium Real Estate $299: Includes 7 High Definition Aerial Images, 20 second promotion video, 1 local point of interest, 1-2 hour of edit time
  • Platinum Real Estate $399: Includes 10 High Definition Aerial Images, 30 second promotion video, 2+ local points of interest, 2-3 hour of edit time
  • AirBNB/VRBO $199: Includes 5 High Definition Aerial Images, 15 second promotion video, 1 hour of edit time

It is in your best interest to avoid any drone photography company that does not have clear and up front pricing. There are extenuating circumstances that can cause flight days to be delayed and sometimes it is not possible to put a drone in the air, but these circumstances should not have much bearing on the pricing of your drone photos and videos.

As drone technology continues to advance, more and more industries will take advantage of what drones have to offer. Right now, militaries around the world are researching drones for applicable uses. In science fiction, drones of the future are able to save lives by flying to the scene of an accident and reduce first response times. We will see drones of this type in the near future if we continue down the path we are currently going. Real estate markets won’t be the only ones with an army of drones flying around the neighborhood.