Real estate markets around the world rely on photos and videos in order to convey a selling point for their properties before getting potential buyers in the door. In some cases, photos and videos are of such high quality that the property is bought without the owner stepping foot on the property. The ease in which photos and videos of high quality have entered the market has dramatically risen in the past few years, but the biggest advance in real estate markets has been high quality drone photos and videos. Getting a top down view with full high definition, plus added video clips, has allowed real estate agents around the world the ability to sell their properties at a higher level compared to standard photos and videos.

How are drones changing the real estate market?

View is everything when it comes to showing off any sort of property, whether it is residential, commercial, or industrial. When it comes to showing off multi-million dollar properties, it was once worth it to hire a helicopter to take photographs and video of properties from the sky. With drones, brokers are now able to show never before seen views of properties in a matter of days compared to weeks. Having advanced notice and scheduling make drone photography and videography a quick and easy resource for any real estate brokerage.

Why would a realtor be interested in using a drone for their real estate listing?

A rendered drone video of any real estate listing adds value to the overall listing. That is the beauty of a professional drone video from Drone Marketing Group. You spend a fraction of what you spend with similar services and the results will last the lifetime of the property. Enjoy the benefits without all the costs by using a drone video to market your listing. It is ok to have questions, we are here to answer any drone related questions you have. We mainly work with real estate brokers and brokerages, but will work with anyone interested in using drone photos and videos.

Whom should I contact if I want a drone for my real estate company?

Contact the Drone Marketing Group if you are a real estate company in Texas looking for professional drone photography and videography services. Our team of professional drone operators are licensed, FAA Part 107 certified, and are customer service focused. We deliver what the client wants and will have you enjoying your drone videos within days of filming. Drone photography and videography are what we do best and we pride ourselves on our professional results and turnaround time.

What is the future of drones in the real estate market?

As long as drones continue to be licensed and operated by trained professionals, the sky’s the limit. Cameras, applications, and software continue to improve for drone operators. Real estate listings will continue to be a great source of advertising for any home seller/buyer. More and more industries are taking advantage of drone technology and it is impossible to determine where drone technology might be headed. For now, the real estate market is enjoying a content boom thanks to drone photography and videography.

The best way to get a potential real estate buyer to pay attention to your property listing is to use drone photos and videos to stand out from the crowd. Bring your Real Estate listings to the next level with our drone photography and video packages. FAA Part 107 certified. Video and photography packages for real estate (primary focus) and business applications (secondary). If you are in the Greater Dallas Fort Worth area of Texas and need professional drone services, contact the professional drone operators at Drone Marketing Group. We will be able to handle all of your drone photography and videography needs.