Inspecting bridges, towers, and other public works is a dangerous job. Many lives have been lost inspecting the integrity of our society. Thanks to drone technology, loss of life can drastically be reduced, and the quality of inspection can remain as high, and in some cases higher, compared to a manual inspection. Drones will continue to advance industries that rely on putting humans in dangers way by replacing the human element for difficult tasks. Surveying, inspecting, and geographical services are being revolutionized by drone technology. What would take a team of people hours to complete is now taking a fraction of the time and gathering much more data simply because of drones. The results speak for themselves and commercial operations around the world are taking advantage of drone services.

How are bridges and towers inspected currently?

Bridges and towers are inspected manually by bridge and tower maintenance crews. In some cases, expensive helicopters are deployed to inspect hard to reach areas, but for the time being, manual crews handle the majority of inspections across the nation. Although manual inspection is considered thorough, workers tend to rush the inspection work because manual inspection is dangerous. This has led to problems where structures were deemed safe after inspection, but suffered failure due to negligent inspection.

How do drones make inspecting bridges and towers much safer?

Drone technology is appearing across the world in a host of different industries. Bridge and tower inspection is an industry that is quickly taking advantage of drone technology. What was once a risky and dangerous job is now safer than ever thanks to commercial drone operators. By taking out the manual inspection crews, drone inspectors have less fear of danger and can persist through tough inspections to determine the true integrity of the structure without needing to rush the job for safety concerns.

How much safer do drones make inspecting bridges and towers?

By replacing a manual inspector with a remote drone, bridge and tower inspections have never been safer. Manual inspection leads to dangerous circumstances for inspectors and anyone on site. With drone inspections, the human element is taken out of the equation and safety is increased far beyond any manual crews inspection abilities. The future of bridge/tower inspection is here thanks to drone technology.

Does it cost more to use drones to inspect bridges and towers?

No, it actually costs less to use a commercial drone operator to inspect bridges and towers across the United States. There is no reason to use manual crews for bridge and tower inspection anymore. Maintenance is a different situation because drones do not have the capability to replace/repair structures. However, drone technology continues to advance and there might be drone repair crews working in the near future. Cost efficiency that follows drone technology is paving the way for a boom across many industries. Even companies like Amazon and Apple have taken to researching drone technology for their own benefits.

Take drone technology seriously because your job might be replaced by a drone operator in no time. If you are a surveyor, inspector, or work in geographical services, become a commercial drone pilot and take your surveying services to the next level. You will be able to take on jobs that wouldn’t have been an option for you before simply because you are operating the latest surveying technology. If this is not an option for you, then it is best to team up with a company that specializes in drone technology because your clients will be asking for this service. Don’t get caught stuck in the past with laser levels and surveying crews.