The real estate market is undergoing a face lift with drone technology. The majority of photos and videos of real estate have often been left to the agent’s own devices. This has included Hollywood style photographs and staging, along with the costs that follow. Drones have swiftly flown in as the superior option for staging and presenting a real estate listing. The differences are apparent in the amount of closures agents are having when using drone photos and videos. It is worth the investment to have updated drone photos and videos from a professional drone company. Drone Marketing Group is the go-to drone photo and video service in the greater Dallas Fort Worth area of Texas if you are looking for a way for drones to advance your business.

How can a drone enhance my real estate listing and increase my value?

Drones have the ability to take photos and videos that normally would have cost thousands of dollars with a helicopter,airplane, or satellite for a fraction of the cost. Taking photos and videos from the top down of any property will add value to any real estate listing because potential buyers want to view every aspect of a property, and one of the best views of a property is a birdseye view from a drone.

Who should I contact to have drone videography done for my listing?

Contact Drone Marketing Group if you need drone videography services for your real estate listing in Dallas Fort Worth. Our phone number is (817) 578-6038, or you can email us direct We help with drone photo and video services and will get your listing standing above the rest in no time. Our average turnaround time is within a few days(depending upon which package purchased) and will likely have your photos and videos the next day of service.

How much does it cost to have a drone enhance my listing?

This depends upon which package you choose. The current package offerings from Drone Marketing Group are as follows:

  • Basic Real Estate $199: Includes 5 High Definition Aerial Images, 15 second promotion video, 1 hour of edit time
  • Premium Real Estate $299: Includes 7 High Definition Aerial Images, 20 second promotion video, 1 local point of interest, 1-2 hour of edit time
  • Platinum Real Estate $399: Includes 10 High Definition Aerial Images, 30 second promotion video, 2+ local points of interest, 2-3 hour of edit time
  • AirBNB/VRBO $199: Includes 5 High Definition Aerial Images, 15 second promotion video, 1 hour of edit time

Our drone operators are here to work within your guidelines and requirements. If you want a special shot for a special property, we will work with you. Simply express your needs beforehand and we will do our best to price accordingly for the work.

Why aren’t there more businesses operating drones?

It takes an FAA license in order to conduct business with a drone. This hurdle has stopped drone businesses dead in their tracks. As long as you are working with a licensed drone business like Drone Marketing Group, then you won’t have any legal problems to worry about. If you have the unfortunate pleasure of working with an illegal drone company, you and the company you are working with can be fined and/or jailed for operating a drone illegally. Avoid any legal problems by only working with drone companies licensed by the FAA to operate.

Buyers are looking for the best listing for their money. One of the first things they see before purchasing a property are the online listing’s images and videos. The more appealing the listing, the faster the listing closes. If you are interested in closing your listings quicker, contact Drone Marketing Group to make your listing worth buying. Our friendly customer support staff will be able to answer any of your questions regarding our professional drone services.