Fighter pilots of the past had to go through military training, spend hours upon hours flying in simulators, and be in peak physical condition before they ever got to fly in a fight. A new age of fighter pilots has evolved through drone technology and these pilots do not have to go through military training in order to fly in the sky. Although they are not fighting, the pilots of now race with similar passion as fighter pilots of old. The only difference is that they are not flying to save their lives, but for sport. No matter what type of drone you own, there is a type of racing that you can get involved. Hobbyist and professional drone operators alike can enjoy racing drones as it is quickly gaining popularity around the world.

What is a Racing Drone?

Drone racing is taking off across the world. There are different drone racing clubs and if you are interested in one specific to your location, take a look on the internet. One of the major drone racing companies in the world at the moment is the Drone Racing League (DRL). There are going to be more leagues popping up around the world, but when it comes to funding, Drone Racing League appears to be the best league around at the moment. Local drone racing leagues will explain the details of the types of drones allowed to compete. Depending upon the type of drone racing, the cost of entry can dictate the type of competition.

How fast can a Racing Drone travel?

Drones in the Drone Racing League are traveling as fast as 120 miles per hour. There are drones that can fly faster, but when it comes to maneuvering around a track, speed is not always the answer. Stability, agility, and flexibility all come into play when it comes to racing drones. The best way to get a feel for drone racing is to give it a try. Operating a racing drone is a quick way to fall in love with this growing sport.

Where are they Racing Drones?

All over the world. Drone Racing League keeps an updated list of drone racing events. Check their website if you are interested in getting into drone racing near your location. Even if you aren’t interested in joining a drone racing league, you can enjoy racing drones in your backyard(if big enough), or you can find friends interested in racing drones and set up a track in a large enough area that legally allows drone racing. In some circumstances, you can convince a group of people to rent a lease to an open warehouse and set up your own local drone racing league.

How can I get involved with Racing Drones?

Join up with Drone Racing League to get involved with Racing Drones. Because Drone Racing League is already going after the global market, there is a high chance they have events in your area. As said above, if you are not interested in drone racing leagues, there are tons of websites on the internet for hobbyist drone racers who wish to race in their own backyards.

The thrill of racing a plane is all too real in drone racing, but without the same risks. Drone racing is taking massive strides forward around the world and will continue to evolve as drone technology evolves. In no time at all, drone racing will appear on TV channels and has a likely shot at entering the sports world as a new entity. Who knows, if drone racing truly advances to a sport of beauty and grace, you might find yourself watching drones race around the Olympics in actual events. We have already seen drones fly around Beijing in the opening ceremony, why not have them in actual events?