Expensive is a matter of fact when it comes to drones, but it does not always mean necessary for operating a drone. Understanding what you intend to use your drone for is pivotal for understanding which drone is “Best” for your situation. A $50,000 commercial/industrial drone is overkill for a hobby drone operator, but it could be underwhelming for a commercial operation looking for drones to manage certain jobs. Keep this all in perspective when considering which drone will be best for your situation. Making the wrong choice could be an expensive mistake whether you are looking for the best racing drone or the best commercial drone.

What are the best drones on the market for the public?

This is debatable because new drones are released all the time. At the moment, the drone market is dominated by marketing. To get a real grasp of what a top of the line drone for a hobbyist, check out the Drone Racing League for more information. The participants who take place in the Drone Racing League use top of the line drone technology to race. For commercial drone operators, it is best to contact a known drone manufacturer to discuss a custom build for your specific needs.

Are there different commercial drones available?

Commercial drones are a different beast than your normal run of the mill drones found on Amazon. Commercial drones can be customized for specific reasons. Hollywood has been using customized commercial drones for movies and TV shows since the technology became available. The things to look for when comparing commercial drones are- flight time, camera resolution, gimbal capabilities, size, weight, and upkeep. There are commercial drones out there that have parts that cost thousands of dollars to replace. Keep all of these aspects in mind when approaching any commercial drone purchase.

What makes one drone better than another?

Flight time and stability are the main aspects that can make one drone better than another. There are other varying factors that are applied to racing drones versus commercial drones, but they all share these same 2 core necessities. As drone technology continues to develop and progress, batteries and stability systems will continue to improve and create a standard. Right now, the average flight time for commercial drones is around 30 minutes with one charge. This depends heavily on the drone maker and materials involved. Keep an eye on the developing research regarding drone batteries by paying attention to drone news around the world.

How much are the best drones on the market?

The price range varies wildly between manufacturer, but custom drones can be had from between $20,000 and $100,000+. The sky is really the limit when it comes to modifying and customizing drone technology. Depending upon the application, drones can rise in price exponentially. Government agencies are just now realizing the power of drone technology, and costs for custom drone technology will only rise due to the demand.

Cost is a factor that must be considered when selecting the “Best” drone for your situation. There are hundreds of drones on the market, and the costs vary wildly. What is best for some, may not be best for others because peoples drone needs are different. Another under looked factor when buying a high quality drone is the cost of losing the drone entirely. If you can not afford losing your drone to unforeseen circumstances, it is probably better to invest in a less expensive hobby. Weigh your needs before you purchase a drone because investing in a drone that doesn’t properly suit your needs will be a wasted investment.