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3 Dangers of DIY Drone Operation
August 9, 2019
If you have a need to use aerial photography or aerial videography for your business or other commercial project, you may have considered simply buying a drone and...
When You Need a Part 107 Waiver to Fly
November 9, 2018
Do not fly a drone until you know if you need a part 107 waiver to fly. Suffering legal fines and criminal repercussions for not knowing where to operate your drone legally is...
Drone Maintenance is Very Important
October 10, 2018
Just like any other aircraft, maintenance can make or break your flight plans. Luckily, with drones the cost of disaster is not as high as other aircraft, however, not maintaining...
Racing Drones is Becoming a Sport
September 4, 2018
The thrill of racing a plane is all too real in drone racing, but without the same risks. Drone racing is taking massive strides forward around the world and will continue to...

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