VRBO is becoming a major competitor for AirBnB, but for rental property owners, they both have their advantages. It is in your best interest to post your rental listing under all rental platforms and when it comes to VRBO, drone media will make your listing more attractive to potential renters. Drone photography and videography is fast becoming the go-to media for property owners across the world because the results speak for themselves. If you feel that your VRBO listing is not performing like it should, consider drone media from Drone Marketing Group. We know how to capture the right photos and videos to make your VRBO listing rent faster and better tenants.

Can drone media help my VRBO listings?

Absolutely. Drone media can help your VRBO listing stand out from others because potential renters prefer seeing high definition photos and videos of the properties they wish to rent. The added birds eye view of drone photos and videos is an added bonus. If your listing contains high definition drone videos and photos, the likelihood of a potential renter pursuing your listing rises dramatically. Getting the bigger picture of a property can coax any renter towards your listing over someone else’s.

How much does drone media cost for my VRBO listing?

Drone media costs $199 for your VRBO listing from Drone Marketing Group. This includes 5 HD Aerial Images, a 15 second promotion video, and 1 hour of editing time. We offer additional services such as additional photos, videos, and editing time for additional rates. Our professionals will work with your needs and develop a plan to get the best drone photos and videos for your listings at a price that meets your needs. If you have any questions or concerns about our drone session, feel free to ask and we will answer as best as we are able.

How long does it take to capture drone media for my VRBO listing?

This depends upon your needs. We offer our main package deal with 1 hour of editing time + the time of the drone session. However, if you are interested in more, we will be able to work with your requests. Simply speak with our representatives before using our drone services and we will figure something out. Our friendly customer support staff is here to answer any of your drone media questions regarding your VRBO listing.

Who offers VRBO drone photography/videography in Texas?

Drone Marketing Group offers VRBO drone photography/videography in the Greater Dallas Fortworth area. Our team of professionals are here for your drone photography/videography needs and as VRBO continues to grow, the importance of having great High Definition pictures and videos for your listing grows. If you want your listing to stand out, drone media from Drone Marketing Group is a great way to step above everyone else’s listing. Renters will be flocking to your listing and your view count will dramatically rise with high definition drone photos and videos.

Do not let competitive listings limit your rental potential on VRBO because your listing has poor photos and video. Upgrade your VRBO listing with drone media from Drone Marketing Group if you are in the greater Dallas Fort Worth area. Our professionals will deliver high definition photos and video to meet your specifications. Get the best shot of your property to attract the best type of renters with drone media. As rental platforms like VRBO gain market share, the importance of having a high quality listing rises to a necessity. Don’t risk having your listing looked over because your media is outdated and unviewable.